Fortnite bro's highlights

Our Highlights!

This is where you can find all the weekly highlights from the fornite bro's, you can watch the video's on our site or you can visit our youtube channel!


This is our first video! We are proud of the result so far. we hope that we can deliver more, and most important, good content. We hope that you enjoy watching it and if you do, please like and subscribe to The Fortnite Bro's. 


The second video of our fortnite highlights is now online, be sure to watch it now!


The Third video of our fortnite highlights is now online, our channel made progress. We're now standing at 20 subscribers on youtube at the time of uploading this video, we want to thank you all for the support you have given us!


The 4th video is here. Many one shots, a lot of snipes. Be sure to watch our new highlight compilation! Do you have awesome Fortnite clips? Send them in now! 


The 5th video is here! The longest so far, so check it out now. Do you have awesome Fortnite clips? Send them in now! 


The 6th video is here! A bit shorter then the rest, but we will make up for it soon. 


Fortnite Fails!


We love to show you our highlights, but of course we aren't the best of the game. Maybe after watching this video you will know why...

Comming soon


Our second video is on the way! 

Fortnite Bro's!

Get to know us.

Fortnite bro's

Who are we

We are two guys, living in the Netherlands. We love to play games like Fortnite. So thats why you will be seeing us uploading our fornite highlights.

Global fortnite highlights

The global highlights

We also love to watch people stream Fortnite, so thats why we will be uploading global highlights. All the best moments of your favorite streamers at one place. On our global Fortnite page you will also find several videos from streamers & links to their channels.

Fortnite competition

Great ideas.

We also want to involve our subscribers and watchers in our progress. So thats why we also set up a Fortnite highlight competition, we would love to see it become a succes. So do you think that you've got some amazing gameplay? Click the button below.

Cannabusiness The game


Not only do we want that our channel becomes big and a succes, we also want to build up a community with our subscribers. Thats why we came up with the following idea, a fun browser/mobile game where you need to build up your own empire. Interested?