Fortnite brothers game

This is our game!

We at The Fortnite Brothers are a great fan of gaming, we would also like to build up a big interactive community for our watchers. So this is why we came up with the following idea, we started our own game!

Ofcourse u can login easy with facebook connect!

Our game is also available for mobile phones! Just go to

Cannabusiness The Game

cannabusiness the game

Expand your city! 

daily awards

Get free rewards every day!


Try your luck at the casino!

pvp shootout

Fight against other players!


Join or create a family!

weed farm

Grow your own weed!


Buy troops & equipment!

red lights district

Build up a lucrative buisiness!

bullet factory

Produce your own bullets!

missions cannabusiness

Complete missions, earn money!

By committing crimes it is possibly to gain experience and earn money. Every time you commit a crime you will get better at it, and eventually master it. The exp you will gain is used to lvl up your character, money can be used to upgrade your buildings and buy troops and weapons.

troops cannabusiness

Train your troops, buy weapons!

With your own empire also comes your own protection. Buy different troops to protect you from other players and build up your own strength. Ofcourse you won't send your troops in battle without any weapons right?

grow your own weed

Grow your own weed!

After you've reached a certain level you will be able to grow your own weed. Ofcourse you can make a lot of money out of this.

family war cannabusiness

Family wars! Compete with others.

Ofcourse nobody can do it alone, you need family. Real brothers that will help you trough bitter and hard times, so join or create a family and grow stronger.