The fortnite bro's


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What to expect on our channel?

The fortnite bro's

Our personal highlights.

We will be uploading our own highlights from Fortnite. Expect good kills, funny clips and epic fails!  We would like to now your opinion on our video's, so don't mind commenting on our video's and be sure to subscribe to our channel so you won't miss anything.

fortnite competition

A Fortnite highlight competition.

Every month u can send in clips to our email adress (, then we wil make a top 10 out of them. We're planning on expanding the competition to a top 25 with prizes if the idea catches on. 


Cannabusiness The Game.

We also started our own game, it's a online mafia empire game. You can start your own mafia city, upgrade it, commit crimes, steal cars, and compete with other players. With ofcourse a puppose, money & power.

Would you like to try our game? Click the button below.

More info?

global high lights fortnite

Global Fortnite highlights.

We will also be uploading global Fortnite highlights. This is where you will find all the best and funny moments of all your favorite players and streamers.

Clash Royale special

*Special* Clash Royale.

We just started with a new special sort of playlists, Clash Royale playlists! Clash Royale is a amazing game for mobile phones, you can play it alone or with your friends. 

We will be comming at you  with our own mode's:

  • Rush Royale
  • Close call

Don't hesitate and watch our Clash Royale video's now!

More info?


Visit our channel now!

On our channel you will come across highlights from games that we play, esspecialy Fortnite.  You can also find highlights from other players as we also upload highlights from popular streams and video's. 

We also have a monthly Fortnite competition, every Fortnite player can send in his game clip. At the end of the month we will make a top 10 out of this clips and post it on our channel. (currently this idea is in the béta version but we would like to add prizes in the near future and upgrade to a top 25)

Below you can visit our channel or send in your video clip.

fortnite with the fortnite bro's